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The Biomedical Engineering Department is pleased to solicit projects to provide service-learning opportunities for our students and solutions to biomedically-relevant problems for our clients.

Students will choose their semester projects based in large part on the information you provide on this web form.

We seek focused, design projects with a specific goal in mind, such as the design of a device to perform a specific task in a laboratory or clinical practice. Student teams of about five students are encouraged to build a prototype of their design, which is given to you, the client, at the end of the semester.

We encourage members of our community (patients, disabled, elderly, etc.) to submit project ideas based on their own individualized unmet biomedical needs as well. Students have developed ideas such as a Braille watch, pill pack opener, and customized slings.

Many of our clients have been quite pleased with the productivity and innovation demonstrated by our students. Several of the past projects have provided investigators with tools to work in new directions. Some projects have led to intellectual property with opportunities for commercialization.

For examples of projects that were conducted this past semester, review our teams' websites from last semester.

Please take the time to review the frequently asked questions about the BME design courses and client obligations. Although we do not charge labor costs, we do expect you to commit to paying for any materials and supplies necessary to complete the project.

To submit a project for BME design, please fill out and submit the form below. Your project will then be reviewed by the design faculty and posted for the for the students to select at the beginning of the semester. If selected, a student team will be in touch with you then. Projects are accepted at all levels (freshman through senior). We strive to ensure project completion and continuity between semesters. Seniors projects always run for a full year (fall and spring semesters). For more information about the Design Curriculum, see our about page.

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Students typically need at least $100 for parts and materials.

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