Implementing Lean Kaizen event recommendations to improve productivity at Wiscraft

Project Overview

Wiscraft feels that their current assembly lines aren’t performing at their full potential. They wish to implement some Lean manufacturing improvements at their manufacturing facilities. These improvements will need to accommodate the workforce of Wiscraft, as a significant portion is visually impaired. We wish to develop hardware prototypes based on our own observations as well as recommendations from an ISyE team that will improve the current productivity of Wiscraft’s assembly lines.


Team picture

From Left: Jamon Opgenorth, Dan Miller, Justin Gearing, and Caitlyn Collins


Project Files

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Jamon Opgenorth - Team Leader
  • Caitlyn Collins - Communicator
  • Justin Gearing - BSAC
  • Daniel Miller - BWIG

Advisor and Client

  • Thomas Yen - Advisor
  • Dr. Ananth Krishnamurthy - Client