Environmental Control Device for Long-term Imaging of Microbial Communities

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Project Overview

This project aims to control water levels on agar pads used in monitoring interactions of microbial communities. Microbial communities regulate many natural biological processes, but can also cause destruction in the cases of drug resistant bacteria and invasion of systems. These communities are studied on a small scale to detect growth patterns based on their interactions. Using agar pads for long term monitoring, result in the evaporation of water and reduced nutrient diffusion to the microorganisms. This changes the environment of the microorganisms and causes a decline in the growth rate. The client is asking for a device that continuously supplies water to the agar pad, to keep a consistent environment for long-term imaging. The current prototype uses a peristaltic pump, a 3D printed water dispersal unit and a diode sensor to monitor water levels.


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Team members from left to right: Molly De Mars, Jacky Tian, Megan Smith, Shannon Horel

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