Wireless pulse oximetry sensor

Project Overview

Last semester, a portable, cellular network enabled, pulse oximeter device was prototyped and tested. Although this prototype met key client specifications, additional device miniaturization and power optimization was needed for this device to be utilized in a full clinical capacity. Ongoing effort has been put into this refinement over the summer following BME 301, and subsequent prototype circuits have been designed. As further iterations are completed on the hardware, the team is highly motivated to begin the next phase of product development; the design and validation of a web application interface for viewing patient oximetry data in real time. This development requires a significant understanding of the current device, as the wireless pulse oximeter must communicate with a TCP web server in order to queue and insert patient data into a centralized database. A basic web framework was constructed over the summer to support this initiative, and the team desires to apply design principles and best-practices during BME 400 to create the most simple and usable web application possible, and to determine which features are most critical for the end user. Communication between the current team and Dr. Fred Robertson has been ongoing over the summer, and he also desires for this aspect of the project actualized. In addition to the work the team has done in class, we are also accepted to the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic move forward in the patenting process for our device and web application. Continuing this project in BME 400 would provide a vehicle for valuable advisement and significant progress towards the teamís long term goals, including a small scale clinical deployment of the device.


Team picture

Team members from left to right: Chris Fernandez, Rafi Sufi, Olivia Rice, Nick Glattard


Project Files

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Christopher Fernandez - Team Leader
  • Olivia Rice - Communicator
  • Rafi Sufi - BSAC
  • Nicholas Glattard - BWIG & BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Amit Nimunkar - Advisor
  • Dr. Fred Robertson - Client