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BME Design Course Resources

Team role resources

Team Leader


BSAC (Biomedical Student Advisory Committee)

BWIG (Biomedical Web Implementation Group)

BPAG (Biomedical Purchasing and Accounting Group)

Helpful purchasing links

  • Link: "Shop@UW"
  • The following are a few popular Shop@UW vendors - it is often eaiser to narrow searches directly at the vendor site then find the UW price using the guest login at Shop@UW:
    -Link: "MSC Industrial Supply"
    -Link: "Grainger"
    -Link: "Fisher Scientific"

Design topics

Ethics topics, human subjects research, Human Factors/Ergonomics/Universal Design

Technical communication

Design notebooks

Progress reports

Product Design Specification (PDS)

Design (decision) matrix

Preliminary presentations

Show and Tell

Reports (preliminary and final)

Poster presentations

Executive summary for awards at the Spring poster session

BME Senior Design (402): presentation and journal article requirements

BME Senior Design: Outreach requirements

Design Resources

BME Teaching Laboratories, Design Studio, and COE Shop

The Department of Biomedical Engineering has three teaching labs in the Engineering Centers Building available for use by design teams. Also within ECB, there is a COE Student Shop and a Tool Crib (B1084 Engineering Centers Building). To use mechanical equipment in the student mechanical engineering shop, review the shop policies and training and certification procedures on the Student Shop web site. The Tool Crib also has hand tools available for you to check out.

Engineering Centers Building Hours
Monday - Friday: 7:00 am to midnight
Saturday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm (Building Closed during Home Football Games)
Sunday: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

BME Teaching Labs - Equipment list, manuals and schedules

  • Contacts if you have questions about any of the department teaching labs or equipment.
    -BME Design Studio, Room 1080 and 1070 ECB - Dr. John Puccinelli
    -Biomaterials/Tissue Engineering/Mechanical Testing Lab, Room 2005 ECB - Dr. John Puccinelli
    -Bioinstrumentation Lab, Room 1036 ECB - Dr. Amit Nimunkar
  • Storage: All items (shelves or cabinets) must be labeled properly: "Team short Name, Semester/Year, Contact Email" or the contents will be removed.

Keycard request form for room 2005 ECB and instructions:

  • Try different browsers if the link does not work. Safari on Mac or Chrome on PC.
  • PI: Select Dr. Puccinelli
  • Select Individual room: "2005 Teaching Tissue Lab"
  • Enter the month/year of your WiscCard Expiration date

Access to the Design Studio - see Dr. P or your fellow students for the lock box code on the side door of room 1080 ECB.

COE Student Shop

COE Maker Space

3D printing and general fabrication resources

Beyond BME Design - taking your project to the next step (patent and more)

Design and Innovation Competitions

Link: "Google Doc of many competitions and deadlines"

UW Campus Competitions

National Competitions

Advising resources

Evaluation forms

BME Design Grading Criteria

Faculty Evaluation Forms

Student Evaluation Forms

Student Peer and Self-Evaluation/Assessment Forms