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Project Idea Submission

The Biomedical Engineering Department is pleased to solicit projects to provide service-learning opportunities for our students (freshman through senior) to develop solutions to satisfy your needs.

We seek focused, design projects with a specific biomedical goal in mind, such as the design of a device to perform a specific task in a laboratory or clinical practice. We also encourage industrial and community members to submit project ideas based on their own individualized unmet biomedical needs.

Please review the frequently asked questions regarding client obligations. Although we do not charge labor costs, we do expect you to commit to paying for any materials and supplies necessary to create a prototype for the project.
Frequently Asked Questions and Client Obligations

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Deadlines: Fall semester consideration-August 15th; Spring consideration-January 15th.

If you have been a client for BME Design in the past, consider logging in to view and edit your ideas plus submit new ideas.

Briefly describe the desired outcome of this project.

One to two words that will provide a quick way for the students to refer to the project and will help in generating the project website URL

Provide the background for this project.

If there are any materials available to help students, please note them.

Provide links to assist students in understanding the need and prior work.

Select the skills this project is likely to require.

Provide your available budget in USD. Students typically need at least $100 for parts and materials.

Select yes if this project has potential intellectual property considerations.

Enter phone as (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

If you have one, please provide your NetID so you can log into this site.

If appropriate, provide contact information for colleagues working with you on this problem, a graduate student, post-doc, or scientist in your lab that could be a go-to person if needed.

Please check the box to indicate you are human.

By submitting this project, you agree to the client obligations. Once submitted, your project will be reviewed by the design faculty and, if accepted, posted for the students to select at the beginning of the next semester. If selected, a student team will be in touch with you then. Projects are selected at all levels based on the determination of the design faculty and student interest. We strive to ensure project completion and continuity between semesters. Senior projects always run for a full academic year (fall and spring semesters).

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