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Support BME Design

The Biomedical Engineering Design Curriculum is a common thread in our undergraduates’ education. Because project clients are solicited from health care, local industry, life sciences and clinical faculty, and the community, BME Design projects have the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for patients and local community members such as the disabled and the elderly. The reward and experience the students receive through accomplishing these projects and working directly with the individuals who benefit from them is far greater than that of the typical classroom.

The department has received generous financial support from the Tong Family Foundation (UW-Madison alumni Peter and Janet Tong) since 2006 to help ensure the success of these design projects, reward outstanding engineering design in the Tong BME Design Awards and encourage entrepreneurship by supporting Tong Distinguished Lecture Series.

  • Support student projects geared toward rehabilitation, the community, and world health in prototype fabrication.
  • Assist promising design projects to continue development through follow-on funding beyond the design courses.
  • Promote innovative BME undergraduate design solutions.
Donate Now to the Biomedical Engineering Design Course Fund

Connect your Company with Innovative Students

Your company is cordially invited to sponsor a biomedical engineering student design project to suit your interest.

Sponsorship provides

Access to Students: By sponsoring a student design project, you will encourage students to acquire the technical skills needed for your company, starting from an early stage of their engineering training. You can track potential hires throughout their educational development. Sponsors will also have the opportunity to attend the final poster presentations at the end of each semester.

Exposure: Your sponsorship will be acknowledged on the BME Design websites, displayed at student design project presentations, and advertised on departmental pages and social media as appropriate giving your company direct exposure to students, the university community and the public.

Innovative ideas: A team of talented biomedical engineering students, under the direction of a BME faculty member, will strive to develop novel solutions to meet your needs with access to the University’s resources.

Gold sponsor

  • $5000 per year for one, year-long (two semester) BME Design project.*
  • Access to the College of Engineering approved intellectual property agreement, which gives the sponsor additional protection against disclosure of confidential information and rights to any intellectual property resulting from the project.
  • Additional projects are encouraged and available at reduced incremental amounts.
  • The sponsor will have the option of holding an information session with BME Design students highlighting sponsor company background, strategy, employment opportunities, etc.

Silver sponsor

  • $1500 per project (one semester)* or a gift-in-kind to benefit the education of biomedical engineers and the teaching laboratories.
  • Provides the ability to explore non-proprietary areas of interest. Students are expected to make a public presentation at the end of the semester in which their own work is disclosed to the public.
  • Additional projects are encouraged and available at reduced incremental amounts.
Donate Now to the Biomedical Engineering Design Course Fund

Please also contact us to establish a strong relationship.

*These funds will not be used to support the sponsor's project in any manner. In all cases, it is expected that the sponsor provides additional support, materials and/or supplies for the development of the sponsor's project directly. The sponsor understands that the University, in accepting these funds, intends that they shall be used for other aspects of the BME Design curriculum including the promotion of knowledge in the field of biomedical engineering, and that the results of such projects shall be made public by the University, through publication or otherwise, in any manner that it may deem desirable, keeping in mind that the public interest or welfare shall be dominant.

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