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Support BME Design

The six sequential Biomedical Engineering Design Courses are a common thread in our undergraduate's education. Because project clients are solicited from health care, local industry, life sciences and clinical faculty, and the community, BME Design projects have the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for patients and local community members such as the disabled and the elderly. The reward and experience the students receive through accomplishing these designs and prototypes, and working directly with the individuals who benefit from them, is far greater than that of the typical classroom.

The department has received generous financial support from the Tong Family Foundation (UW-Madison alumni Peter and Janet Tong) since 2006 to help ensure the success of these design projects, reward outstanding engineering design in the Tong BME Design Awards and encourage entrepreneurship by supporting Tong Distinguished Lecture Series.

  • Become an industry sponsor and client for a design project. Please also contact us to establish a strong relationship.
  • Support student projects geared toward rehabilitation, the community, and world health in prototype fabrication.
  • Assist promising design projects to continue development through follow-on funding beyond the design courses.
  • Promote innovative BME undergraduate design solutions.
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