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Biofeedback device for prevention of migraines (BME 402, Spring 2021)

Develop a low-cost and accessible biofeedback device for the mitigation of migraine.

  • Patent: P210289, Portable, Affordable Biofeedback Device for the Treatment of Migraines (2021)

Interventional lumbar spine procedure model (BME 402, Spring 2021)

Lumbar spine model that allows residents and fellows to practice spinal injections prior to conducting procedures on patients.

  • Presentation: The Lumbar Spine Procedure Model, UW Health Multidisciplinary Pain and PM&R Research Day (May 14, 2021)

Lateral flow card for Point-of-Care COVID-19 antibody testing (BME 402, Spring 2021)

Rapid, low-cost and reliable device that can collect whole blood and transfer plasma into assay chamber for antibody testing.

Ultrasound guided neonatal lumbar puncture: A simulation training model for dynamic lumbar punctures (BME 301, Spring 2021)

Ultrasound simulation trainer that provides repeatable, precise, and accurate training for spinal tap providers performing neonatal lumbar punctures.


Global Health: Prevention of diabetic foot ulceration and amputation (BME 301, Spring 2020)

Method to thermally diagnose diabetic foot ulcers.

Microfluidic Device to Competitively Measure Biofilm Dispersion Potential (BME 402, Spring 2020)

Quantify biofilm dispersion in a fungal infection in vitro setting.

Tandem bike for autistic person (BME 402, Spring 2020)

Tandem bike modified so that an adult autistic child can go for rides with an attendant.


Dialysis solution analysis for infection prevention (BME 402, Spring 2019)

  • Company: PrevenX, LLC (May 2019)

Evaluation of LN2 Dewar Health Using a Weight-based Monitoring System (BME 402, Spring 2019)

Near infrared pen (BME 301, Spring 2019)

  • Award: Best Undergraduate Poster, MSOE Rocky Mountain Bioengineering Symposium (April 12, 2019)
  • Company: VIABL, LLC (January 2019)
  • Patent: Pending

Optical measurement of animal tumor volume for cancer research studies (BME 402, Spring 2019)

  • Patent: Pending, P190262US01


A single insertion catheter for delivering intra-tumoral injection and brachytherapy (BME 200/300, Fall 2018)

  • Patent: Pending, P190102US01

Mask for Oral Anesthesia and Manipulation (BME 200/300, Fall 2018)

A miniature microscope for fluorescence imaging (BME 402, Spring 2018)

Device for capturing IVC filters (BME 402, Spring 2018)

  • Patent: Pending, P180230US02

Pressure monitoring model for casting a distal radius fracture (BME 402, Spring 2018)

  • Licensed by: SAWBONES (2019)
  • Presentation: International Pediatric Orthopaedic Symposium (IPOS), Orlando (2017)

SLIP project (Solution for Leakage through an Innovative Pessary) (BME 402, Spring 2018)

  • Patent: Pending, P190117US01
  • Clinical Trial: Solution for Leakage through an Innovative Pessary (SLIP), IRB number 2015-0593

TherVoyant: Compact guide for minimally invasive surgery in an MRI scanner (BME 301, Spring 2018)


Neonatal breathing system (BME 200/300, Fall 2017)

TherVoyant: Compact guide for minimally invasive surgery in an MRI scanner (BME 200/300, Fall 2017)

  • Patent: Pending, P180149US01

Digital biofeedback device to teach abdominal breathing (BME 402, Spring 2017)

Abdominal breathing training device for patients who suffer from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiac disease, and other disorders

Surgical centrifuge that saves blood (BME 402, Spring 2017)

Salvage red blood cells from surgical sponges

Syringe adaptor for office based injection procedures (BME 301, Spring 2017)

Lightweight, ergonomic syringe adaptor that will increase the comfort of those who perform prolotherapy.


Non-invasive quantitative airflow measurement (BME 402, Spring 2016)

Telemetry Adaptor (BME 301, Spring 2016)

Continuous streaming of atrial electrogram on patient monitor

Transplant organ coolant management system (BME 402, Spring 2016)

Keeps an organ (such as a kidney) cool and allows easy manipulation in the operating room during preparation.

Wireless, small and adhesive ultrasound probe for research (BME 301, Spring 2016)

A small, adhesive probe which can be easily placed on the patient and remains static for the procedure.


Automated System for Rat Gavage (BME 402, Spring 2015)

Automatically deliver a dose of test material for pharmaceutical development.

Lipoma extraction device (BME 402, Spring 2015)

RaDistance safety meter (BME 301, Spring 2015)

Device warn by an individual treated with radiation to alert them if someone is getting to close.


CO2 prevents sleep apnea (BME 200/300, Fall 2014)

Standardization of hapten delivery in the diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis (BME 200/300, Fall 2014)

Standardization of hapten delivery in the diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis.

Ergonomic transthoracic cardiac echo probe holder (BME 402, Spring 2014)

Wireless pulse oximetry sensor (BME 402, Spring 2014)


Minimally Invasive Spine Fusion Device (BME 400, Fall 2013)

Cervical cancer screening software for use in under-resourced areas (BME 301, Spring 2013)

Low-cost, portable software application to screen for cervical cancer cells in a sample for under-resourced and rural areas.

Endotracheal Lidocaine Applicator (ELA) (BME 301, Spring 2013)

Device to deliver lidocaine to the trachea.

EWH Project: Infant respiratory monitor (BME 402, Spring 2013)

Low cost and highly reliable detection system that could alert nearby adults when infant breathing stops, giving them a chance to wake or resuscitate the infant.

Tibial stent: Designing a novel fixation device for pediatric orthopaedic tibia fractures (BME 402, Spring 2013)

A novel fixation device for pediatric orthopedic tibia fractures.

Wireless pulse oximetry sensor (BME 301, Spring 2013)

Device to measure blood oxygen saturation and transmit that data wirelessly to the physician.


Digital Braille watch (BME 402, Spring 2012)

Displays the time in Braille run by the second hand of an analog watch.

Self measuring orthopedic drill system (BME 402, Spring 2012)

Device to measure the depth of drilling in orthopedic surgery and prevent plunging (over drilling).

Standing Paraplegic Omni-directional Transport (SPOT) (BME 402, Spring 2012)

Mobility device to return Dr. Garrett Cuppels, a T-12 paraplegic surgeon, to the operating room.


Absorbable hydrodissection fluids (BME 301, Spring 2011)

Biocompatible, absorbable, and thermal reversible hydrodissection fluid to protect neighboring tissue during tumor ablation.

Adjustable Height Changing Table (BME 201, Spring 2011)

Changing table raises a lowers; designed and built for a family with a child suffering from severe cerebral palsy and epilepsy.


Accessible Incontinence Device (BME 402, Spring 2008)

Device allows a patient to control the flow of urine.

GPS Linked Inhaler (BME 402, Spring 2008)

Monitor the location of asthma inhaler usage.

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