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Clip-on torque device for quick and easy wire manipulation during endovascular procedures

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The project aims to create a clip-on torque device that enables the operator to easily place the torque device at any location on the guidewire with a single hand.

Design Award

  • Tong Biomedical Design Award Winner

News About this Project

Project Overview

Torque devices help physicians advance, rotate, and grip the guidewire that is used to guide catheters to the desired location within the vascular system. Devices that hold the market share, like the Merit Medical torque device, operate using a pin vise mechanism. This mechanism screws concentrically around the guidewire and must be loaded 180-300 cm from the incision. Moreover, this cumbersome maneuver requires assistance from a second individual. The current market leaves a gap which can be filled by a device that is attached at any segment of the guidewire with a single hand. This increases usability and further reduces procedure times during endovascular interventions. The NECTO (Novel Endovascular Clip-on Torque Operator) was developed to overcome these limitations by providing a maneuverable, one-handed, clip-on attachment to any location of the guidewire.

Team Picture

Left to Right: Will Hayes (Team Leader), Izzy Gundrum (Communicator), Anna Ankerstjerne (BPAG), Jakob Knauss (BWIG/BSAC)
Left to Right: Will Hayes (Team Leader), Izzy Gundrum (Communicator), Anna Ankerstjerne (BPAG), Jakob Knauss (BWIG/BSAC)

Contact Information

Team Members

  • William Hayes - Team Leader
  • Isabelle Gundrum - Communicator
  • Jakob Knauss - BSAC & BWIG
  • Anna Ankerstjerne - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • David Piotrowski - Advisor
  • Dr. Dai Yamanouchi - Client

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