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BioMEMS photomask aligner

Project Overview

Fabrication of microfluidic devices using soft lithography from a 3D master mold is helpful for studying cell culture, biochemical assays, and other applications. The master can be created using photolithography which involves exposing a photocurable epoxy to UV light through a photomask. More complex devices can be made by repeating this process creating multiple layers with different photomasks. However, often these masters are fabricated unsuccessfully due to misalignment of the photomasks.

An aligner is desired that will hold the master and photomask in place while providing a microscopic view to assist in aligning the layers to 10 um resolution. Many commercially available aligners are available, however, they are extremely expensive and over complicated. The aligner would be used primarily for teaching purposes.

Team Picture

Team Photo
Team Photo


A current alignment device.
A current alignment device.
A current alignment device.
A current alignment device.


Contact Information

Team Members

  • William Zuleger - Team Leader
  • Nathan Retzlaff - Communicator
  • Paul Fossum - BSAC
  • Ross Comer - BWIG

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Willis Tompkins - Advisor
  • Prof. John Puccinelli - Client

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