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VibeTech: Instrumented footplate and handlebars for monitoring physiological responses and for biofeedback during rehab gaming on a therapeutic vibration robotic rehabilitation device

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VibeTech wants to monitor the physiological responses to the treatment and enable feedback from the interactive experience on the VibeSit PRO.

Project Overview

Vibetech has asked us to add health metric sensors to the handlebars and footplate of the VibeSit PRO that may include (but is not limited to) heart rate, blood pressure, O2 saturation, foot pressure distribution, foot placement, thermal distribution, and skin conductance.

Team Picture

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will edit later

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Poorva Halbe - Team Leader
  • Oscar Zarneke - Communicator
  • Megan Carley - BSAC
  • Rachel Dallet - BWIG
  • Natalia Kwiecien - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. William Murphy - Advisor
  • Dr. Jeff Leismer - Client
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