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Rapid bedside test for tryptase and or histamine

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A rapid bedside blood/saliva test for Tryptase and/or Histamine during an allergic reaction.

Project Overview

Blood levels of tryptase and histamine are used in the diagnosis of allergic reactions and other illnesses such as mast cell disorders. These compounds are rapidly released from mast cells throughout the body in an anaphylactic reaction following exposure to certain foods (nuts, milk, eggs, other). Tests for these compounds are available in the clinical lab but results are not available at the point of care or quick enough to be of use to the physicians.

Another use would be during food challenges in order to confirm, deny, or measure the success of desensitization of a food allergy. Rapid point of care tests for blood glucose levels, blood oxygen saturation, and hemoglobin levels are used daily in the practice of medicine. A test similar to these would be used widely in diagnostic medicine.

Team Picture

From left to right: Joseph, Jamie, Lauren, Helen, Bella, Shreya
From left to right: Joseph, Jamie, Lauren, Helen, Bella, Shreya

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Helen Treankler - Co-Team Leader
  • Joseph Ho - Co-Team Leader
  • Jamie Flogel - Communicator
  • Lauren Hicks - BSAC
  • Bella Raykowski - BWIG
  • Shreya Godishala - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Aviad Hai - Advisor
  • Dr. E Richard Stiehm - Client
  • Dr. Maria Garcia-Lloret - Alternate Contact
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