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Sterile temporary plate fixation clamps

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Disposable sterile bone clamps that will resemble zip ties which will be easier to use and more effective than current bone clamps.

Project Overview

In open fixation orthopedic surgery, it has been found that current bone clamping instruments are inefficient and hard to use. Because of this, a project has been proposed with the goal of creating a disposable clamp that will clamp a plate to the bone while having a detachable piece that will allow both lock-in and conventional screws to go through it. This clamp will resemble that of a zip tie, with the detachable piece the end. Another addition to the zip tie clamp will be a long wire that will allow surgeons to maneuver the zip tie around the bone in an easy and quick manner. The problems with the current designs of bone clamps are that not only are they outdated, they are bulky making them hard to use in surgery. In addition, their stainless steel properties make them sterilized but also makes them quite costly. Using this new zip tie design, it can bring in a modernized approach of making surgery easier and reducing the risks that would be present with a traditional bone clamp.

Team Picture

Team photo
Team photo

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Madison Bugel - Team Leader
  • Sadie Houston - Communicator
  • Tessa Christopherson - BSAC
  • Harshee Yarlagadda - Co-BWIG
  • Kasia Klotz - Co-BWIG
  • Zachary Oppenheim - BPAG
  • Bethany Erb

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Kris Saha - Advisor
  • Dr. Ken Noonan - Client

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