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Teaching model for ventilation and perfusion mismatching

We are creating a teaching model to help med students understand the V/Q ratio

Project Overview

Ventilation/ perfusion mismatching is the most predominant cause of hypoxemia; however,
medical students often have a very difficult time understanding this concept. Other than a
textbook diagram by John West in his text Respiratory Physiology there are no relevant
representations of ventilation/ perfusion mismatching causing hypoxemia. Our goal is to
continue work done by previous UW Madison students to create an accurate model of the lungs
and blood flow where ventilation/ perfusion mismatching may occur with the intent to be studied
by medical students for a deeper understanding of hypoxemia.

Team Picture

Left to right: Kendra, Milica, Alex, Charlie, Darshigaa
Left to right: Kendra, Milica, Alex, Charlie, Darshigaa


Contact Information

Team Members

  • Kendra Besser - Team Leader
  • Milica Lukic - Communicator
  • Darshigaa Gurumoorthy - BSAC
  • Alex Houle - BWIG
  • Charlie Zhu - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. Chris Brace - Advisor
  • Dr. Chris Green - Client

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