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Personal N95 mask

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Our client is seeking an improvement in the current fit and reusability of N95 masks.

Project Overview

An N95 mask is a respiratory protective device that is designed to to efficiently filter airborne particles and have a very close fit to the wearer’s face, forming a seal. Currently, N95 masks are in high demand in hospitals to protect workers against the highly contagious Sars-CoV2-virus (COVID-19). The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has highlighted many of the flaws in the current design for N95 masks used in the health industry [1]. It has been noted that existing mask designs are not applicable to the wide variety of facial shapes and features that exist, resulting in poor fits and discomfort. In particular, the standard size of N95 masks is more suited to male users' faces, despite the fact that the majority of the healthcare force is composed of women. This size discrepancy could lead to decreased efficiency and comfort of the N95 masks on users faces. A well-sealed fitting mask is essential to ensuring proper filtering of particulates. Furthermore, many skin issues have arisen due to poor fit and prolonged wear time [2]. The client has also expressed a concern over the high amounts of waste generated by hospitals from the masks and its packaging. Thus, the team was tasked with designing and validating a reusable face mask frame with insert filters, that can be personalized to the wearer’s face.

Team Picture

Pictured from left to right: Aivah, Nick, Elli, Chris, Gabe, Alex
Pictured from left to right: Aivah, Nick, Elli, Chris, Gabe, Alex


Team Logo and Slogan
Team Logo and Slogan

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Elli Hosokawa - Team Leader
  • Alexandria Thao - Communicator
  • Christopher Pudzisz - BSAC
  • Gabriel Piscitelli - Co-BWIG
  • Nick Izban - Co-BWIG
  • Aivah Roubal - BPAG
  • Dawid Maciorowski

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. John Puccinelli - Advisor
  • Dr. Marin Darsie - Client

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