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Medical Art Prosthetics: Load sensing anatomical simulator model for silicone prosthetic fingers

This project has been secured to protect intellectual property.

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Mechanical testing apparatus to test the rigidity of silicone prosthetic.

Project Overview

A new method of fabricating silicone prosthetics has been developed to improve rigidity. The team’s task is to evaluate the properties of the improved material. This entails designing a load sensing device to quantify properties of the material allowing the team to determine how much stronger the new method is compared to the current method.

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Ryan Meekin - Team Leader
  • Lily Xistris - Communicator
  • Alexandra Nonn - BSAC
  • Carson Evenstad - BWIG
  • Anna St Martin - Co-BPAG
  • Elise Vorpahl - Co-BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Kip Ludwig - Advisor
  • Dr. James Trevathan - Advisor
  • Mr. Greg Gion - Client
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