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Intra - Vert

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Hands-free cardioversion and defibrillation device that delivers consistent pressure while simultaneously delivering shock to adjustable focal points.

Project Overview

Complete design and produce a prototype of the Intra-Vert for patent application, testing, manufacturing, and sales.

The Intra-Vert is a hands-free cardioversion and defibrillation device composed of a single use constricting band with reusable backboard intended to distribute the band effectively to deliver consistent pressure simultaneously while delivering shock to adjustable focal points. The Intra-Vert adjustable band measures chest size and determines appropriate chest compression pressure and resistance before delivering shock. The force in pounds varies per patient need around 18-20 pounds of pressure.

The Intra-Vert is intended to maintain intra-thoracic to extra-thoracic pressure gradient and the reduction of transthoracic impedance through the application of downward pressure during defibrillation/cardiovert, improving emptying of the lungs and closing the gap between the electrodes and ventricles. The Intra-Vert improves the delivery of the current to the heart, including the obese or muscular patient. When used during CPR the Intra-Vert can reduce interruption by maintaining continuous chest compression until energy delivery.

Team Picture

Intra-Vert Team Picture
Intra-Vert Team Picture

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Lakshay Bhandari - Co-Team Leader
  • Maxwell Milaitis - Co-Team Leader
  • Lucia Frieling - Communicator
  • Ruhi Nagarkatte - BSAC
  • Navya Sriram - BWIG
  • Ben Ferguson - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. Randolph Ashton - Advisor
  • Ms. Sara Graciano BSN, RN, TNCC, RN (Emergency/Trauma Nurse) - Client
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