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Noninvasive measurement of peripheral oxygen extraction ratios

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Our objective is to design a noninvasive device that will create artificial venous pressure waves in order to measure venous oxygen saturation levels to be used along with arterial saturation levels when deciding the necessity for a blood transfusion.

Project Overview

Current methods for deciding which patients receive a blood transfusion rely on hemoglobin levels. This can prove ineffective when a patient’s hemoglobin levels fall within a certain gray area (usually between 7-10 mg per deciliter) as blood transfusions don’t always help. Studies have shown that measuring the difference between atrial and venous oxygen saturation levels is more reliable when making decisions about who to transfuse. However, current methods to measure these levels rely on invasive processes. These procedures are expensive and inaccessible for some patients.

The objective is to find noninvasive means to measure these oxygen saturation levels. Arterial blood pulses can be detected by a pulse oximeter, but venous and capillary blood signals are hard to tell apart. A previous prototype was designed by Chase/Pretty labs at the University of Canterbury which used an inflatable cuff on the finger to deliver pulses of pressure high enough to include veins. Though it was successful in measuring venous saturation levels, the cuff was limited by passive recoil.

Our goal is to design an alternative device that will create more square pressure waves in order to better detect venous saturation levels while still measuring arterial saturation levels.

Team Picture

From left to right: Lillian Kahn, Elaina Rizzo, Chloe Thompson, Kyle Everson, Simon Graves, Lia Lejonvarn,
From left to right: Lillian Kahn, Elaina Rizzo, Chloe Thompson, Kyle Everson, Simon Graves, Lia Lejonvarn,

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Kyle Everson - Co-Team Leader
  • Lillian Zahn - Co-Team Leader
  • Elaina Rizzo - Communicator
  • Chloe Thompson - BSAC
  • Lia Lejonvarn - BWIG
  • Simon Graves - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Tyler Ross - Advisor
  • Prof. John Puccinelli - Advisor
  • Dr. Aaron Hess - Client
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