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Stroke rehabilitation using Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology

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Create a device that will provide a secure, compact, and reliable transportation for the current BCI-FES system.

Project Overview

A stroke is caused by an interruption or reduction of blood supply to the brain, or blood vessels bursting, causing pooling of blood in the brain. This condition affects around 800,000 people per year in the United States and often causes long term motor disability. Two of the more common currently existing rehabilitation treatments for strokes are Physical Therapy (PT) and Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT). However, these treatments are often not very cost effective, and do not accommodate people who suffered from more severe strokes. Brain Computer Interface (BCI) therapy is a somewhat recent alternative treatment that transforms brain signals into movements. This technology coupled with Functional Electronic Stimulation (FES) has the potential to cause long term motor functionality improvements and permanent neuroplasticity. The client, Dr. Prabhakaran is conducting a study in which BCI therapy is tested against a control group using Passive FES or Sham FES, in order to determine if the BCI causes significantly more improvements in motor function, as opposed to mere FES. Passive FES consists of strictly random stimulation being delivered to the arm. Sham FES involves the illusion that the user is controlling the stimulation with their brain by playing a video game, but the game has no effect on the stimulation. The group is tasked with providing a device for the control group, using Passive FES or Sham FES. In addition to this, the group is tasked with providing a housing unit for the circuitry that assures safe and reliable usage, as well as being more portable.

Team Picture

Our team, starting from the left: Mahathi, Michael, Ty, Gannon, Elliot, Simon
Our team, starting from the left: Mahathi, Michael, Ty, Gannon, Elliot, Simon

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Michael Del Signore - Co-Team Leader
  • Simon Zulewski - Co-Team Leader
  • Elliott Harris - Communicator
  • Gannon Huebner - BSAC
  • Ty Bigger - BWIG
  • Mahathi Karthikeyan - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Cameron Casey - Advisor
  • Dr. Vivek Prabhakaran - Client
  • Dr. Alex Remsik - Alternate Contact
  • Dr. Veena Nair - Alternate Contact
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