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xDI: Joint arthroscopy manikin for viable cartilage

The team must design a knee manikin to hold live surgical discard tissue for testing of arthroscopic devices and the measurement of cellular behavior.

Project Overview

Arthroscopic tools to evaluate joint health must be evaluated in a closed joint space prior to clinical implementation. Obtaining full knee joints with viable cartilage, as required for tools that measure biological/cellular behavior, is challenging and expensive. Animal joints are often a poor proxy for the surgical approaches used in human joints. Therefore, this project involves developing a manikin that can hold viable surgical discard tissue, which is readily available, for testing arthroscopic devices.

Team Picture

Top: Delaney, Rachel, Sierra  Bottom: Jack, Connor, Shrey
Top: Delaney, Rachel, Sierra Bottom: Jack, Connor, Shrey


Contact Information

Team Members

  • Delaney Reindl - Co-Team Leader
  • Shrey Ramesh - Co-Team Leader
  • Connor Dokken - Communicator
  • Sierra Reschke - BSAC
  • Rachel Dallet - BWIG
  • Jack Thurk - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Russ Johnson - Advisor
  • Dr. Corinne Henak - Client

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