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Cigarette smoking cessation lighter and mobile app

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An e-Lighter that will allow smokers to track their tobacco use to aid in the reduction and eventual cessation of the habit

Project Overview

Smoking has led to a many negative externalities within healthcare and has been associated with higher rates of depression and anxiety in comparison to those who do not smoke. Researchers have been trying to tackle the main issue with smoking, it’s addictive nature due to it containing the chemical compound nicotine, through various methods; however, many of these treatment methods fail to involve the use of modern electronic and computing technology. In an age where these resources have become incorporated in virtually every facet of life, our team’s goal is to create a e-lighter, accompanied with an app, that will allow smokers to quantify their addiction. By doing so, smokers can the set plans to reduce and eventually stop smoking, along with having evidence-based treatment options within the app, such as access to a Smoker’s Hotline, or other mental health resources.

Team Picture

Say hello to the team!
Say hello to the team!

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Nathan Labiosa - Team Leader
  • Zaid Aman - Communicator
  • Henry Hoerneman - BSAC
  • Alec Schabowsky - Co-BWIG
  • Druv Srinivasan - Co-BWIG
  • Dia Patel - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. William Murphy - Advisor
  • Dr. Jesse Kaye - Client
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