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AI-powered laryngoscope for enhanced neonatal intubation training

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We will research, design, and fabricate a laryngoscope with telemetry collection hardware to assist with evaluating and training practitioners on neonatal intubation.

Project Overview

Neonates are at risk for experiencing Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) which is the leading cause of death and is typically treated by administering artificial surfactant. This must be administered via intubation, which is a difficult procedure in adults that becomes even more difficult in a neonate. Our client, Dr. Ryan McAdams, has tasked us with creating a “smart” laryngoscope that is capable of collecting biometric data throughout intubations so that successful attempts can be compared to unsuccessful attempts and a clear threshold for each measured variable can be established. AI learning will also be utilized to interpret data and provide real-time guidance that is personalized to the trainee during the procedure. This “smart” laryngoscope will increase physician confidence and first-attempt success rates, and also exemplify how AI can be used to revolutionize the medical field.

Team Picture

Team Picture (Abbie, Ethan, Alex, and Owen)
Team Picture (Abbie, Ethan, Alex, and Owen)

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Alex Houle - Team Leader
  • Ethan Runde - Communicator & BPAG
  • Abbie Schaefer - BSAC
  • Owen Knickelbine - BWIG
  • Angela Zhou

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. Paul Campagnola - Advisor
  • Dr. Ryan McAdams - Client

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