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Smart walker

Adjustable walker that sends data on the distance, speed, and pressure of the patient to give the hospitals useful data on the recovery process of their patients.

Project Overview

The Smart walker is a walker that will be used in clinical settings. The Smart walker will use a magnetic sensor connected to the frame and a magnet on the wheel that the sensor will pick up every time its position is at the top of the wheel. From this data will we calculate the speed and distance of the patient. Additionally, we will have multiple pressure sensors in each of the handles to pick up how much pressure each patient is putting on the walker. This gives the hospital data on whether a patient is relying on the walker less as the recovery process has been happening. All of this data will be transferred from the Arduino to a server connected to an app the doctors will have. This will allow the doctors real-time feedback on their patients' recovery.

Team Picture

Smart Walker
Smart Walker


Contact Information

Team Members

  • Amara Monson - Co-Team Leader
  • Nikhil Chandra - Co-Team Leader
  • Joseph Koch - Communicator
  • Lance Johnson - BSAC
  • Jake Maisel - BWIG
  • Baljinder Singh - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Christa Wille - Advisor
  • Mr. Daniel Kutschera, PT - Client
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