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Step by Step: A comprehensive approach to stair climbing assistance

Device that helps a patient use stairs when one leg becomes non-weight baring

Project Overview

In the field of neuro-rehabilitation, physical therapists encounter a significant obstacle when assisting patients with weight-bearing restrictions to transition back to their homes. The primary challenge revolves around negotiating steps, which often proves to be an arduous task due to various constraints. Ramps, typically considered a solution, are frequently deemed impractical due to cost implications and compliance with rise-to-run criteria. As an alternative, patients are advised to use garden benches from hardware stores, which lack adjustability and medical design. This makeshift solution is frustrating for healthcare providers, as it is not purpose-built and poses issues with bench availability.

To address this gap in the next three months, there is a clear need for a specialized, medically designed bench tailored for step use, offering safety and adjustability to improve the mobility and independence of patients in neuro-rehabilitation.

Team Picture

First Day Team Photo (Left to Right: Grace, Margo, Riley, Cameron, Dalani)
First Day Team Photo (Left to Right: Grace, Margo, Riley, Cameron, Dalani)


Contact Information

Team Members

  • Margo Amatuzio - Team Leader
  • Delani Wille - Communicator
  • Cameron Owens - BSAC
  • Riley Toth - BWIG
  • Grace Kreissler - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. Walter Block - Advisor
  • Mr. Daniel Kutschera, PT - Client

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