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Rapid urine stone risk detector

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Development of a home device that can be used by patients to detect the concentration of urine test values so patients can measure the response to therapy designed to prevent kidney stones.

Project Overview

The therapy would be medications or diet changes that would help prevent kidney stones. The urine values I would be interested in include pH, Specific Gravity, Oxalate, Citrate, Calcium, Sodium, and possibly other electrolytes. The project would be to focus on one or more of these. Ideally would be simple for the patient use and also incorporate a cellular device allowing transmission of data.

This project can be split into different areas
-Cuvette design/fabrication

Chemistry. The last team, figured out several constraints on the chemistry that had been considered by previous teams - this requires testing if the new team wants to move forward from where my team left the project. An alternative would be to try to research a different method of detection that wouldn't rely on a colorimetric assay that rely on absorbance.

Cuvette/sample analyte holder. If there's a method of detection that doesn't require a laser to go through a transparent cuvette, then there's the potential for a new design of the cuvette. For the absorbance method the team was considering, the only option to fabricate a completely transparent cuvette was using injection molding.

Electronics. Since ultimately, the device should have a screen to read the measurements for the different solutes and data storage capabilities, data transfer in order for the physician to access the data.

Team Picture

Team Photo: Tvishi Krishnakumar, Shrira Sarkar, Paige Zuber, Alyssa Uhl, Cecelia Rowell, and Ana Toscano.
Team Photo: Tvishi Krishnakumar, Shrira Sarkar, Paige Zuber, Alyssa Uhl, Cecelia Rowell, and Ana Toscano.

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Paige Zuber - Team Leader
  • Shrira Sarkar - Communicator
  • Alyssa Uhl - BSAC
  • Ana Toscano - BWIG
  • Cecelia Rowell - Co-BPAG
  • Tvishi Krishnakumar - Co-BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. Randolph Ashton - Advisor
  • Dr. Roy Jhagroo - Client

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