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Device to improve diagnostic yield of fine needle aspiration

Design Award

  • Tong Biomedical Design Award Winner

Project Overview

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) is a method by which radiologists use imaging guidance to place a small gauge needle into a mass and arrive at a tissue diagnosis with the least danger to the patient. To get cells from the tissue into the needle, a rapid back and forth motion is required. At times, suction is applied to the needle. We propose designing a mechanical/electrical device to hold the needle, vibrate it at a rate with controllable frequency, stroke and suction in a manner that is more efficient than the manual method currently performed. If the project is successful in phantoms, human testing with IRB approval is feasible. We can then compare success of diagnosis to the manual method


Contact Information

Team Members

  • Chou Mai - Team Leader
  • Jason Tham - Communicator
  • Robyn Hrobsky - BSAC
  • Aaron Freis - BWIG

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. Naomi Chesler - Advisor
  • Dr. Frederick Kelcz - Client

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