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Fixation device for a laryngeal soft tissue flap for vocal fold reconstruction

Design Award

  • Tong Biomedical Design Award Honorable Mention

Project Overview

Our client has designed and tested a soft tissue flap designed to reconstruct injured vocal folds. The applications for this novel flap are myriad, including restoration of voice in cases of cancer resection, vocal fold trauma, vocal fold scar, and the aged larynx. The flap is delivered through a small hole in the larynx and should stay in place. Because of laryngeal movement during swallowing, voicing and coughing, the flap may not reliably stay in place thereby compromising the consistency of this surgical technique. We will be assisting in the development of a reliable device to affix the flap into the back cartilage of the vocal fold called the arytenoid cartilage. We will also be taking part in the conceptualization, manufacture and testing of our device.

Team Picture

Ross Comer, William Zuleger, Christa Wille, Bryan Jepson
Ross Comer, William Zuleger, Christa Wille, Bryan Jepson


Contact Information

Team Members

  • Bryan Jepson - Team Leader
  • William Zuleger - Communicator
  • Dr. Christa Wille - BSAC
  • Ross Comer - BWIG

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. John Webster - Advisor
  • Seth Dailey - Client
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