Endotracheal Lidocaine Applicator (ELA)

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Project Overview

The placement of an endotracheal tube for airway maintenance during general anesthesia and its presence during emergence can result in adverse patient effects, including hypertension, tachycardia, tachyarrhythmia, increased intracranial and intraocular pressures, coughing, and oropharyngolaryngeal complaints (e.g. sore throat). The topical application of tracheal lidocaine reduces the incidence and severity of these events. Current applicators, however, are not ideal for use with recently developed videolaryngoscopy systems/devices. Our goal is to design a lidocaine applicator that can be used along with current technology and satisfy client requirements.


Team picture

Team members from left to right: James Dorrance, Katie Baldwin, Alyssa Mitchell, Terah Hennick

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Terah Hennick - Team Leader
  • Katherine Baldwin - Communicator
  • Alyssa Mitchell - BSAC
  • James Dorrance - BWIG

Advisor and Client

  • Mitch Tyler - Advisor
  • Dr. Richard E. Galgon, MD, MS - Client