Ergonomic laboratory vortex mixer

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Project Overview

Lab technicians often need to homogenize mixtures in small vials hundreds of times a day and typically use vortex mixers to accomplish this task. Most vortex mixers rely on downward pressure from an individualís hands to activate the device. The direct contact allows vibrations to travel up through the hands and cause fatigue, vascular damage, and nerve damage. Certain assays require contact with the device for one minute or longer for each tube. To prevent strain and injury, we will develop a device that will minimize vibration exposure to the operatorís hands and allow vials to remain visible to the operator while in use. The goal is to eliminate damage to the operatorís hands during use while retaining adequate mixing abilities.


Team picture

Team members from left to right: Brett Struthers, Emily Foran, Stephen Early, Lexi Doersch

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Emily Foran - Team Leader
  • Stephen Early - Communicator & BPAG
  • Brett Struthers - BSAC
  • Lexi Doersch - BWIG

Advisor and Client

  • Megan McClean - Advisor
  • Prof. Robert G Radwin - Client