Prosthetic ankle with biomimetic motion for weight lifting

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Project Overview

The project sponsor has a lower-limb amputation, but is highly active and finds existing foot prostheses limiting to some of his activities. He is interested in building a prosthetic foot that is better adapted for weight lifting than existing commercial products. The goal of this student project is to develop a prosthetic foot design that exhibits appropriate mechanics for weight lifting exercises such as squats and dead-lifts - especially, keeping both the heel and toe on the ground during deep knee bends. Additional considerations may include comfortable walking and stability in standing. Students will work with the sponsor to specify an appropriate design, and will construct a prototype and test it with the sponsor.


Team picture

Team members from left to right: Jason Dekarske, Rachel Tong, Hannah Mrazsko, Sahand Eftekari

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Hannah Mrazsko - Team Leader
  • Jason Dekarske - Communicator
  • Sahand Eftekari - BSAC
  • Rachel Tong - BWIG & BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Ed Bersu - Advisor
  • Prof. Peter Adamczyk - Client