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Microfluidic sensing chip: Combined light-stimulating and measurement system

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Microfluidic Sensing Chip

Project Overview

The overall goal of the project is to help bridge the gap between biological sensors and electronic circuits. The objective is to design a device that can fluoresce the GFP in the EDC sensing yeast cells on a microfluidic chip through the use of a specific wavelength of light. Once the yeast cells are activated, the device should also sense the wavelength of fluorescence radiating from the yeast cells once they sense EDCs.

Team Picture

Team Picture
Team Picture

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Navjot Rehal - Co-Team Leader
  • William Dunn V - Co-Team Leader
  • Jack Ruhland - Communicator
  • Macoy Socha - BSAC
  • Madeline Johnson - BWIG
  • Shae Gustafson - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Melissa Kinney - Advisor
  • Prof. Megan McClean - Client
  • Prof. Bhuvana Krishnaswamy - Alternate Contact

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