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Imaging the needle tip for a better vascular access by integrating ultrasound, a lens and a needle

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The engineering design team will implement a virtual overlay of a needle that provides relative needle position in real time to Microsoft's HoloLens during central venous access of the intrajugular vein.

Project Overview

A needle puncture to obtain venous or arterial access is a common procedure used for a variety of medical applications, such as surgical access or catheter placement. Visualization of the needle is aided by a live ultrasound feed showing internal anatomy and the needle’s rough position. This method provides poor accuracy of needle tip location inside the body and requires the surgeon to guess where the needle is relative to the vessel. This increases the risk of trauma to the vessel and the surrounding area. The design team will create a phantom image overlay in mixed reality via Microsoft's HoloLens with implementation of VisionLib software and the Unity design suite to track a needle. Client Dr. Von Bergen is trained in pediatric cardiac electrophysiology, the study and treatment of abnormal heart rhythms in pediatric patients and in adults with congenital heart disease. He has one of the higher procedural volumes among pediatric electrophysiologists and wants to develop and teach advanced techniques to improve the safety and effectiveness of procedures.

Team Picture

BME 400 team members left to right:  Joe Macksood, Brandon Chelstrom, Nolan Thole, Rebecca Swanson
BME 400 team members left to right: Joe Macksood, Brandon Chelstrom, Nolan Thole, Rebecca Swanson

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Brandon Chelstrom - Team Leader
  • Rebecca Swanson - Communicator
  • Joseph Macksood - BSAC
  • Nolan Thole - BWIG & BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Christopher Nguyen - Advisor
  • Dr. Nicholas Von Bergen - Client
  • Matthew Knoespel - Alternate Contact
  • Philip Terrien - Alternate Contact

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