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Telehealth sensor mat and teaching, therapy, participation application development

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Pressure sensitive Telehealth mat that allows for easy and intuitive interaction between occupational therapists and clients

Project Overview

Yoga has many benefits that can improve one’s health, including improved balance and increased muscle strength. In children specifically, yoga can improve focus, boost self esteem, and decrease anxiety. Occupational therapists help their clients through therapeutic yoga exercises, however it’s difficult for therapists to assess their clients when they’re doing yoga at home. The client requests a pressure sensor implemented into a children’s yoga mat that tracks movement of the user as well as corresponds to a virtual game. The mat must be able to receive pressure data, transcribe it onto an easy to read interface, and connect this information to the digital game in order for therapists to track the activity of the client.

Team Picture

Team picture for Telehealth Mat team 2021
Team picture for Telehealth Mat team 2021

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Adam Ebenhoeh - Co-Team Leader
  • Russell Heintz - Co-Team Leader
  • Lauren Fitzsimmons - Communicator
  • Anna Vena - BSAC
  • Zach Spears - BWIG
  • Molly Paras - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Melissa Kinney - Advisor
  • Prof. Paul Smith - Client
  • Paul Mross - Alternate Contact

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