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Adjustable positioning device for magec rod lengthening in children with special needs

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An adjustable positioning device that can accommodate children's contractures and relieve anxiety during the magnetic rod lengthening procedure.

Project Overview

MAGEC rods are remotely controlled magnetically lengthened spinal growth rods used to aid children ages 3-10 with scoliosis. Every 6 months the patient undergoes this lengthening procedure, but it can be difficult due to factors such as the patient having additional contractures other than the back. These additional contractures make it difficult for the patient to lie comfortably in a specific position to lengthen the rods. Furthermore, this procedure can provoke anxiety. An adjustable positioning device will be designed such that it can adapt to the patients’ contractures, ensure that a specific lying position is achieved to effectively lengthen the MAGEC rods, and relieve anxiety when undergoing this procedure.

Team Picture

Max Aziz, Jimmy Zydlo, Rachel Nossen, Kristy Tamvakis, An Hua
Max Aziz, Jimmy Zydlo, Rachel Nossen, Kristy Tamvakis, An Hua

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Max Aziz - Team Leader
  • Aicha Sanogo - Communicator
  • Jimmy Zydlo - Co-BSAC
  • Rachel Nossen - Co-BSAC
  • An Hua - BWIG
  • Kristy Tamvakis - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Christa Wille - Advisor
  • Dr. Ken Noonan - Client

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