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Microscope cell culture incubator

The goal of this project is to create a cell culture incubator that can work with an inverted microscope.

Project Overview

This project team serves to develop a low cost cell culture incubation chamber that is compatible
with an inverted microscope and capable of live cell imaging. This incubation chamber must be
able to maintain an internal environment of 37 C, 5% CO2, and 95-100% humidity over a long
duration of time, without compromising the integrity of the microscope's optics or functionality.
Special consideration should be taken to maintain even heating and humidity across the chamber
as gradients can result in evaporation from low volume cultures such as microfluidic devices.
Current commercially available systems are prone to these issues and are extremely expensive.
Commercial systems also tend to be large and enclose the entire microscope making it difficult to
assemble and remove and between uses. Because of their size, they also hinder use of the
microscope in general.

Team Picture

Team Picture, left to right (Rishi, Presley, Cherry, Roshan, Edward, Keleous)
Team Picture, left to right (Rishi, Presley, Cherry, Roshan, Edward, Keleous)


Contact Information

Team Members

  • Rishi Mereddy - Team Leader
  • Cherry Qiu - Communicator
  • Presley Hansen - BSAC
  • Edward Han - Co-BWIG
  • Roshan Patel - Co-BWIG
  • Keleous Lange - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. Joshua Brockman - Advisor
  • Prof. John Puccinelli - Client

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