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Heated diagnostic radiology exam table

Design Award

  • Tong Biomedical Design Award Honorable Mention

Project Overview

Develop and build a model of a heated X-ray exam table or exam table attachment. One of the biggest complaints patients have regarding their radiologic exams is that the tables are hard and cold. A pad can be used to eliminate the first complaint; however the temperature of the table cannot be altered on standard tables. Our client would like to develop a heated exam table or attachment that has a temperature control to give patients added comfort during exams. There are many factors in developing this type of device. The materials used need to be radiolucent. Certain materials used in the design may obscure the body part being imaged, therefore would not be functional. The other aspect is patient safety. There has to be a mechanism that eliminates the possibility of patient injury such as a burn.


Contact Information

Team Members

  • Tyler Vovos - Team Leader
  • Joel Gaston - Communicator
  • Joseph Labuz - BSAC
  • Paul Schildgen - BWIG

Advisor and Client

  • Mitchell Tyler - Advisor
  • Lanee Maclean - Client

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