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Develop anatomical model to demonstrate correct use of female barriers

Design Award

  • Tong Biomedical Design Award Honorable Mention

Project Overview

Students in the advance Contemporary Issues of HIV/AIDS of the Medical Genetic department need to learn to demonstrate the proper use of female barriers against sexually transmitted disease by the end of the semester. Currently, an adequate model to show proper use of female barrier is unavailable, thus, instructors have resort to illustrated figure to educate students in this matter. The goal of this project is to design a pelvic model to be used as a teaching tool to demonstrate proper installation of female barrier devices. The model needs to be compatible with over-the-counter female condoms and dental dam.


Contact Information

Team Members

  • Karen Chen - Team Leader
  • Rexxi Prasasya - Communicator & BSAC
  • Chou Mai - BWIG

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. William Murphy - Advisor
  • Dr. Marge Sutinen - Client
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