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Pelvic floor muscle biofeedback computer games

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Design Award

  • Design Excellence Award Honorable Mention

Project Overview

Dr. Patrick McKenna joined the UW Department of Urology in September 2012 as the Chief of Pediatric Urology. He brought a new clinical program to our center, whereby children learn to control their pelvic floor muscles using biofeedback. The aspect of his program that is unique nationally is that he utilizes video games in the pelvic floor training. Biofeedback "leads" attached to the patient's pelvic floor muscles connect to an electronic interface that is about 2"x5"x7" in size and connects to a computer that runs the video games. Currently we have two of the electronic interfaces, one in use and one backup. The backup unit will be soon be deployed in a satellite clinic location. The devices have a history of "burning up" after a few years.
Our initial goal is the creation of extra interfaces that can be used if the existing ones fail because the devices are no longer commercially available. A more ambitious goal is the creation of a new interface and video games that run on a modern operating system with high resolution graphics.

Team Picture

Team members from left to right: Lucas Lato, Evan Jellings, David Mott, Lucas Hurtley
Team members from left to right: Lucas Lato, Evan Jellings, David Mott, Lucas Hurtley

Contact Information

Team Members

  • David Mott, BME 402 - Team Leader
  • Lucas Hurtley, BME 402 - Communicator
  • Evan Jellings, BME 402 - BSAC
  • Lucas Lato, BME 402 - BWIG & BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Amit Nimunkar - Advisor
  • Dr. Patrick McKenna - Client
  • Christina Sauder - Alternate Contact

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