Prosthetic Lift and Stabilization Support for Abdominal Pannus

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Project Overview

The teamís client is experiencing pain and a limited range of motion from a ~100lbs abdominal pannus that is causing pain, damage to tendons and nerves, and deterioration of their bone and joints. It creates difficulty when performing everyday functions such as standing, walking, laying down, and exercising. Previous solutions including the abdominal binder and pregnancy belly band were both options that were unable to either hold the full weight of the pannus or contain the size of the pannus. The goal for the project is to create a supporting device that can be worn comfortably by the client throughout a 12-16 hour period each day in order to alleviate the problems caused by their abdominal pannus, allow greater movement, and therefore allow the client to reach a point where they are able to exercise to improve their condition.


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Team members from left to right: Kristina Geiger, Conor Pedersen, Jared Piette, Ruochen Wang

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