Intravenous (IV) line placement device

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Project Overview

In modern medicine, IVs are critical for medication administration. Every year, 200 million IV Lines are placed in the US. Failure rates are reported from 35-50 percent on the first attempt and 80 percent of all hospitalized patients receive some form of infusion therapy. The challenges associated with placing an IV are locating a viable vein, avoiding bifurcations, vein rolling, locating and purging valves, and creating skin tension. Our approach to overcoming these difficulties during emergent situations is to develop a device that can attach to the patient, mechanically provide tension, and has the potential to implement imaging, while allowing for increased use of a free hand during the Iine placement process.


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Team members from left to right: Sam Simon, Mark Nyaeme, Tom Geissler, Josiah Wolf, Mitchell Glodowski

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