Model for teaching thoracocentesis in dogs

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Project Overview

Thoracocentesis is the procedure of removing air or fluid from the pleural space (between the lungs and the chest wall). This procedure is done to relieve respiratory distress and to obtain diagnostic samples.

To assist with teaching veterinary students and new graduates, this project seeks to create a realistic model of the canine thorax to simulate the procedure of thoracocentesis. The components that are most important include: thoracic wall (ribs, muscles, skin), space between the lung and thoracic wall, and simulated lung tissue (that might be capable of demonstrating injury if the procedure was not done correctly). The model should be reused by multiple classes.

The general procedure is described in detail in this link:


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Team members from left to right: Zach Alden (previous team member), Jake Reiss, Nick Haller, Robert Weishar, Frank Seipel

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