Compression device to decrease edema in infants after cardiac surgery

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Project Overview

After cardiac bypass there is a significant increase in capillary permeability which can result in loss of intravascular volume, lower blood pressure and decreased cardiac output. This is typically treated with fluid boluses. Unfortunately, due to the continued capillary leak this may result in significant edema.

This can result in infants who have significant body wall edema and abdominal fluid. This subsequently resulted in increased stiffness of the chest, decreased ability to move, more challenges with cares, longer recovery times, more difficult ventilation due to chest wall stiffness (and associated lung injury) and can occasionally result in death the patient.

The goal of our project is to create a compressive device which remedies edema and its associated symptoms in infants after cardiac bypass surgery.


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Team members from left to right: Spencer Ortyn, Desiree Flouro, Ricardo Zuñiga, David The Rock Luzzio

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