Intra-nasal support and saline device

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Project Overview

Nasal breathing is better for human health than breathing through the mouth. When nasal congestion occurs, often from the common cold and seasonal allergies, people frequently must use mouth breathing instead of nasal breathing. Several products have been developed to soothe the airways with the goal to minimize the need for mouth breathing, including structural products like Breathe Right which support nasal airways and irrigation techniques like nasal rinses, sprays, and neti pots which introduce saline into the nasal passages. However, no medical device has been produced which combines saline application to reduce congestion with the structural support to prevent the closure of nasal passageways. The device would ideally be fabricated with an established biomaterial and exhibit controlled released of saline while also maintaining structural stability, patient comfort, and invisibility to other people.


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Team members from left to right: Lauren Ross, Nate Richman, Chrissy Kujawa, Raven Brenneke

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