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iPhone virtual reality training model for microsurgical practice

To design a microsurgical training tool using a smartphone application that capable of real time processing anaglyph effect to simulate practice under a surgical microscope

Project Overview

iPhones or smartphones are ubiquitous devices that are a requirement for training physicians. The camera capabilities of an iPhone provide such incredible magnification that they are comparable to surgical microscopes that are used for vessel anastomoses. However, multiple studies that have looked at using the iPhone alone state that it doesn't provide adequate depth perception to truly simulate a surgical microscope. The use of anaglyph conversion application creates a stereoscopic 3D image by angling two 2D images, therefore, creating an illusion of depth to the image. We have attempted to create this model using a computer, two cell phones, and lightning cable connection, however, there is too much delay from this current model and we have been unable to design a simple streamlined model. In this case, we decided to develop a iOS application that convert anaglyph effect in real time. Our hope is that, with the assistance of the BME teams, we can design a simple iPhone-3D system to create a home microsurgery simulation tool that could be used as a resource for resident surgeons to practice microsurgery. Given that every resident has an iPhone/smartphone, the hope would be that if anastomotic outcomes are the same, that a resident would have access to an "at home training device".

Team Picture

From left to right: Jason Wang, Xiaoxuan Ren, Martin Janiszewski, Jiong Chen
From left to right: Jason Wang, Xiaoxuan Ren, Martin Janiszewski, Jiong Chen


Contact Information

Team Members

  • Jason Wang - Team Leader
  • Xiaoxuan Ren - Communicator
  • Martin Janiszewski - BSAC & BPAG
  • Jiong Chen - BWIG
  • Katarina Milosavljevic

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Darilis Suarez-Gonzalez - Advisor
  • Dr. Ellen Shaffrey - Client
  • Dr. Samuel Poore - Alternate Contact

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