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Window to the Soul (W2S): Non-invasive multimodal ocular monitoring device for critically ill patients

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Ocular device that will continuously monitor all traditional vital signs in critically ill/unconscious patients through a single apparatus.

Design Award

  • Tong Biomedical Design Award Winner

Project Overview

Continuous monitoring of vital signs has been proven to be feasible and cost effective in improving patient outcomes. Additionally, it has been proven that vital signs can be a predictor of cardiac arrest and death in critically ill patients. The Window to the Soul project’s goal is to develop a multimodal ocular continuous monitoring device to noninvasively measure vital signs in critically ill patients. This non-traditional contact lens will allow for insertion of multimodal sensors into the matrix of the lens to measure various physiological parameters of interest from the eye. The device will not only measure traditional vital signs such as blood pressure and pulse, but it will also have the potential to obtain additional complex physiological parameters such as electroencephalogram measurements and intraocular pressure. These parameters can be measured by sensors ocularly through various techniques including ultrasound, infrared spectroscopy, and light-emitting diodes. The ocular device must be portable, single-cable or wireless, and easily placed in the eye. Due to its use in unconscious patients, the apparatus is not limited by size nor transparency restrictions. This ocular device will make it possible to measure endless physiological parameters of interest using a single apparatus.

Team Picture

Team Picture: (from left to right) Ishika Mukherjee, Ava Asbury, Charlie Zhu, and Emily Masterson
Team Picture: (from left to right) Ishika Mukherjee, Ava Asbury, Charlie Zhu, and Emily Masterson

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Emily Masterson - Team Leader
  • Ishika Mukherjee - Communicator
  • Ava Asbury - BSAC & BWIG
  • Charlie Zhu - BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. Walter Block - Advisor
  • Dr. Josh Glazer - Client

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