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Amplified stethoscope probe to attach to lung ultrasound probe

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Combine stethoscope (attach a speaker) and ultrasound probe for comprehensive lung examination

Project Overview

The usage of personal protective equipment (PPE) has significantly increased during the pandemic and resulted in limited ease and ability for medical professionals to make a diagnosis using a stethoscope due to sanitary concerns. PPE limits accessibility to the ears rendering the stethoscope earpieces inconvenient to use. Having heart and lung sounds played out loud would eliminate the need for earpieces and allow multiple people to listen to stethoscope audio at once which would add an educational component when training new doctors. Existing digital stethoscopes can digitize and transfer auscultation data to smart devices via Bluetooth. However, they are connected to ear tips and mobile devices which complicates the ability to diagnose a patient in an operating room setting. Our team will work to create an amplified digital stethoscope product with an integrated microphone and speaker that can easily be turned on/off and is suited for a fast-paced intensive care setting.

Team Picture

First row: Matthew, Yicheng, Andrew. Second row: Eric, Nomita, Shankar (left to right)
First row: Matthew, Yicheng, Andrew. Second row: Eric, Nomita, Shankar (left to right)


Final Presentation
Final Presentation

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Shankar Sundaresan - Team Leader & Co-BSAC
  • Eric Cimino - Co-Communicator & Co-BSAC
  • Nomita Chandra - Co-Communicator
  • Yicheng Ma - BWIG
  • Andrew Paulson - Co-BPAG
  • Matthew Suzuki - Co-BPAG

Advisor and Client

  • Prof. Amit Nimunkar - Advisor
  • Dr. Micah Long - Client
  • Dr. Doug Coursin - Alternate Contact

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