Robotic skin closure after total joints procedure

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Project Overview

A robot that can perform skin closure for all orthopedic procedures needs to be created. Suturing is a procedural, repeatable process that can be programmed to perform consistently and accurately. Deep dermal stitches are the standard skin closure method for most orthopedic surgeries and cosmetic procedures and are best for vascularization of the reticular dermis than other stitches. Currently, there is no machine that can perform subcutaneous deep dermal sutures autonomously for external applications. An inexperienced resident would have a difficult time making a consistent and accurate stitch, which would increase the risk of infection. An experienced surgeon would be spending time on a laborious process instead of more pressing matters. A robot would make this process easier for resident, patient, and surgeon.


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Team members from left to right: Maura Mcdonagh, Kinzie Kujawa, Roberto Romero, Thomas Friesch

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