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Modified vaginal contraceptive ring

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To create a contraceptive ring that will improve the microbiome for better vaginal health and higher clearance of HPV.

Project Overview

The goal of this project is to design a new delivery method or modify a current vaginal contraceptive ring with probiotics that will enhance the health of the vaginal microbiome and create a more acidic environment for better clearance of HPV.

Team Picture

Team members
Team members

Contact Information

Team Members

  • Adeline Drier, BME 301 - Team Leader
  • Elena Leiva, BME 301 - Communicator
  • Zayn Kayali, BME 301 - BSAC & BPAG
  • Karen Scharlau, BME 301 - BWIG
  • Thanh Nguyen, Medical Student

Advisor and Client

  • Dr. Pamela Kreeger - Advisor
  • Dr. Megan Fitzpatrick - Client

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