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Reading a Journal Article

Professor Wendy Crone of the University of Wisconsin - Madison addresses the topic of Reading Journal Articles.


Print Resources on "Reading a Journal Article"

Suggested Readings and Activities

Web Resources on "Reading a Journal Article"

From the National University of Singapore Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning website, a brief outline on reading journal articles.

From the Indiana University South Bend library website, a short handout on how to read critically, "Don't Believe Everything You Read: Ideas for Reading Critically".

From the Iowa State University library website, a guide to critical reading of print information sources.

From the University of Wollongong, Australia UniLearning website, strategies for reading journal articles, including examples and website.

From the homepage of Dr. Laurel S. Collins, Prof. of Paleontology, Florida International University, tips on how to read and evaluate a scientific article.

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