A single insertion catheter for delivering intra-tumoral injection and brachytherapy

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Project Overview

This project aims to design a multifunctional catheter which should allow practitioners to conduct both brachytherapy and intratumoral injection in one procedure using the same catheter.
Cancer remains a difficult disease to treat, and it is projected to affect millions of patients and the healthcare industry as a whole for years to come; fortunately, high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy and intratumoral injection have been proven to be effective combatants. Currently, no device exists to combine the two, despite research which showing that they especially effective when combined. In addition, the separate procedures are costly and not time effective. In order to treat a patient with both brachytherapy and intratumoral injection, they must be performed as separate procedures. For these reasons, a multifunctional device would be a step forward in the treatment of cancer patients.


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Team members from left to right: James Tang, Amira Razuan, Alex Locsin, Anna Keller

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